Two completely identical escape rooms so teams can race against the clock and each other. We are the only escape room in Vegas that can accommodate large groups and offer two identical rooms, head-to-head competition between teams!


A Las Vegas escape room is a live, interactive mystery game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete their mission. Players are given 60 minutes to escape from a locked room. A game operator is available to provide clues and help if you get stuck.

Inspired in the decaying basements of Budapest by the popular “Dungeon” escape games, each Xterious Escape game is set in a fictional location (like a prison cell or laboratory) and the puzzles and riddles follow the theme of the room.

Escape room games have become the rage all across Europe and the United States because of their immersive theme-based experience, the enjoyment of working with your friends to solve challenging puzzles, and the excitement of racing against the clock to escape.

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Brenda Pippin
Brenda Pippin
17:16 09 Jun 19
Had a hard time setting up appointment due to language barrier. They were accommodating however put us in the second to had st room and we've never done an escape room before. They did give us another complementary challenge. Very nice.read more
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones
16:06 30 Mar 19
We had so much fun! We did a competition between boys and girls in the two matching rooms. It was exciting to know they were doing the same thing. The clues were so clever and well done! We had to use our clues but we were sure we were winning. Alas, the boys beat us on the last step. We will definitely be back for a rematch. The staff was great and the room was creative and made us think hard. Great experience!!read more
Abraham Siverlyguido
Abraham Siverlyguido
17:24 28 Mar 19
Absolutely great time, very unassuming at first in the lobby and when you first walk into the room. We did the Code 13 room, and when you first enter the room you didn’t expect much from a very empty looking room. Then quickly we began to find clues and open traps, boy did it get interesting. Right when we thought it was over, we realized we had only made half way. Never would I have expected so much from such an experience. I would definitely recommend it, it wasn’t easy but still wasn’t soul crushingly hard.read more
Elissa Jones
Elissa Jones
02:55 25 Mar 19
We did a "men vs women" competition with the Jail break head to head escape rooms. It was SO fun! It had a good mix of easy and hard puzzles to solve. (both teams needed all 3 clues). Everyone had a blast! We want to go try out their other head to head room now! Highly recommend!read more
Aubrey Racquer
Aubrey Racquer
06:20 20 Mar 19
Great time! We contacted Xterious to set up a corporate outing. Booked multiple rooms, clear communication and pricing from the first call. Most in our group had never tried an escape room before but the room masters, Rob and Marlo, were friendly and helpful setting up our teams. Would definitely use again!read more
Sherry Molnar
Sherry Molnar
05:22 17 Mar 19
What a fun experience!! Had a great “date night “ with my husband. We love these escape room scenarios because it really makes us think and work together as a team to solve the clues. Would highly recommend this location to anyone who is looking for an hour or so of fun!! Employees are very friendly and if you get stuck they are there to help you out. Overall a very fun night out!read more
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