Our 6 best escape games, each of which offers the best puzzle-solving experience

Only at Xterious Escape will you find the ultimate escape game entertainment in Las Vegas! Finally, the spectacle that made wonders in the European entertainment industry is here to blow your mind with our exhilarating themed-rooms. The best escape games came all the way from the dusty basements of Budapest and now, they are becoming a global phenomenon that shook the world with millions of players throughout the world. We introduce you to the best of the best escape room games right here in Las Vegas.

Bugsy’s Nightmare

When Bugsy, a dangerous criminal got a hold of the secret prints of Las Vegas that will put the city at his disposal, your group is given the task to save the city. You have one hour to get the documents back from Bugsy’s safe before he comes home.

Casino’s Dark 11

On your third night in Las Vegas, you lost your friend in the darkness of the casino. Now, you’re wondering if (and when) you will meet her again.

Code 13

A virus Code 13 has infiltrated the world and more than 75 million have already died. You guys were also infected and there is no cure for now. Luckily, you discovered a secret lab that is developing the antidote to the virus. A bribed security guard will secure the lab for you in an hour so the work left for you now is to obtain the cure without getting caught.

Curse of Mapuche

When a group of bandits stole the original Mapuche statue that is said to have the ability to turn stones into gold, an abnormal phenomenon took place where days are getting shorter while the nights are getting longer. No scientific explanation could be deduced, when suddenly archeologists involved in Mayan culture research was able to unravel the Mayan prophecy. The geographic allocation of the hideaway could be identified where the adventurers left the statue of the sun god Mapuche.

The Great Escape

You and your friends were put in jail for murder under a false accusation that sent you to state prison for life. John Elliot, a cellmate of yours included you in his great plan to escape jail. However, when the night for escape plan came, John went missing and he was supposed to lead the operation. Now that John is MIA, you must take the lead and go along with the plan. Escape the prison within an hour, otherwise, you and your friends will stay there for life.


You received an urgent call saying a bomb will be exploding in an hour if you do not get to the train station in time and deactivate it. You and your squad are faced with the greatest scare of your lives while you try to disable the bomb and save the lives of the many.

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