Have you heard of the new trend today about escape rooms? Perhaps, you have never come across one before and now you are wondering what exactly an escape room is. Well, for starters, an escape room is where a groups of friends, family or co-workers work together using their intuition, brainpower and creative thinking to solve puzzles and uncover mysteries that will lead them to escape the game before the designated time runs out.

Xterious Escape Room

If you’re residing in Las Vegas, you might want to check out the number 1 voted escape room, Xterious Escape. Xterious Escape provides the very best in total immersive entertainment. Our escape rooms are created to challenge your mind and in turn, will help you develop communication skills and promote team building within your group. Each of our escape rooms are built with an authentic theme, carefully designed and is completely people-friendly. With a goal in mind to impart memories that will last a lifetime, our escape rooms are created to transform our customer’s world into another dimension of fantasy and buzz.

We have 6 escape rooms that can accommodate up to 20 persons. Just to give you a very brief overview, we have;

Casino’s Dark 11: 2-10 pax

The game sets in a casino where you lost a friend named Lucy on your third night in Las Vegas and now you’re left wondering when can you see her again.

Code 13: 2-10 pax

You’re in the year 2028 where a virus called Virus 13 has killed millions of people. You managed to somehow gain access to a secret lab where the cure of the virus was being developed. Now, your mission is to get the antidote that will save you and your friends’ lives.

Bugsy’s Nightmare: 2-10 pax

The year is in 1945 Las Vegas, Nevada and your group is tasked to retrieve the prints from the hands of a vicious criminal, Bugsy that will allow him to rule the city. A race against the clock is about to happen and the city’s future is on your shoulders.

The Great Escape #1 and #2: 2-10 pax

You and your friends were put in jail for life under a false accusation, then you had a cellmate who invited you to take part of his escape plan. But when that cellmate goes missing, what will you do? You must proceed with the plan even without the leader before the prison guards come back, or you will rot you and your friends will rot in there for good!

Curse of Mapuche: 2-10 pax

In the 1950’s in Yucatan, Central Mexico, a group of bandits stole Yucatan the original Mapuche statue with the purpose of reviving their sun god. but when the Mexican civil war broke out, they went into hiding and no one knew where they went. Until a group of archeologists discovered the Mayan prophecy about the Mapuche statue.

X-Train: 6-20 pax

You and your squad are given the job to deactivate the bomb within an hour after receiving a frantic call from a young woman informing about the bomb that is implanted in the train station. You must take action now, or you will all die!

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