Xterious Escape offers escape rooms that are made for events and group activities in Las Vegas including;

Birthday Parties

Xterious Escape offers a Las Vegas escape room for a new and unique way of celebrating a birthday party with your family and friends. You can rent our event space and have soft drinks, birthday cake, catering options, presents and a fun birthday party celebration with your group before or after your escape game experience. Embark on a brand new and innovative way of making your special event memorable.

Experience Xterious Group Activities While in Las Vegas

Bachelor, Bachelorette Party

Are you interested in going somewhere for a non-traditional bachelorette party, instead of the typical nightclubs? Look no further because we offer escape room games that will suit your bachelorette or bachelor party. Take this chance to gain a whole new experience that will challenge and excite you. Indulge yourselves in this exciting adventure with your friends and enjoy our personalized arrangements and private group prices.

Group Travelers

Traveling with a group? Make sure to stop by Xterious Escape while you’re in Las Vegas. Don’t miss out on a real life adventure game that will challenge your brain and skills!

School Group Activities

Escape games are an innovative way to have your students build their teamwork and promote participation and collaboration. Our games will challenge you mentally but never physically, so it’s a great way for any school excursion

Friends Get Togethers

Are you taking a break from bars and clubs? If you feel like breaking the tradition, then you’re in for a good treat today because here at Xterious Escape, we will give you a unique immersive experience and make it worthwhile and remarkable.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to make a reservation and experience our VIP treatment that you will never forget?

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