Team building is a company’s way of gathering their employees together occasionally for the purpose of creating a stronger work relationship by means of developing their teamwork and communication skills. However, having the same team building activities can be boring, don’t you think? So, how about trying out something new for a change for your team building event?

Exhilarating fun with your co-workers

Xterious Escape offers an ideal way to build team chemistry and have fun with your co-workers! Our games are designed to challenge your mind while promoting team building and communication skills. Whether you use your gut feeling, brainpower, or creative thinking in solving puzzles, answering riddles and uncovering secrets, it doesn’t matter as long as you and your team can escape the room before the time is up. Our escape games are novel, exciting, and challenging – this is sure to get your employees motivated and “fired up”.

Enjoy as you create new and fun memories with your coworkers in our authentic themed rooms that will transport you into a fantasy world! We also have two identical themed escape rooms available for two teams to race against the clock. You will be in a fair competition with each other to see who can escape first. This is why escape rooms are ideal for team building activities because the vital key to complete your mission is to work together as a team. For more hints and clues, you can approach our game masters anytime and they will always lend you a hand.

We can also accommodate you in our lounge area where you can sprawl and enjoy some drinks and food after your game experience. Catering options are also available in our catering space. Lastly, we offer corporate clients special rates depending on the size of the group.

Say goodbye to those dull team building exercises and welcome to our extreme escape game rooms! Hurry and book now!

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