The Magical Forest

Once upon a time, in a green magical forest, you are taking a walk with your friends and a little dog, named Genie. Genie is a playful little dog, who often runs away in search for new adventures.

Genie does it again, she hears a noise and runs away from you …She ran all the way to what appears to be a gingerbread house.

You all quickly run after her, but unfortunately, the playful little dog is nowhere to be seen.

You, the bravest, knock on the door of the gingerbread house that looks straight out of a fairytale.

A ghastly old woman opened the door and sent you away but from inside you could hear a gentle yowl who had to be Genie.

The old woman is keeping your puppy captive, so it’s up to you to free her.

You decide to hide and wait until the old witch leaves the house. Soon the old woman leaves with a pail in her hand. The stream is half an hour away – so you have an hour to free the little Genie. Do not hesitate!

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