Are you in Las Vegas right now? Looking for things to do to add to your bucket list? I have one for you, and that is our escape games at Xterious Escape. We provide the very best in total immersive entertainment and was voted the #1 escape room in Las Vegas. Our games will totally blow your mind and transport you to a world of adventure, locked rooms, mysteries, puzzles, and riddles.

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As you race against the clock, you must display teamwork and communication skills with your team members in order to solve puzzles and go through the next room. Our escape rooms aim to create an experience filled with fun and excitement that will sure to last for a very long time.

Our 6 exhilarating game rooms are;

Casino’s Dark 11

On your third night in Las Vegas, you lost your friend Lucy in the casino. When can you meet her again?

Code 13

A fatal virus, Code 13 has infiltrated the world the killed millions of people. You and your friends were infected, but you discovered a secret lab that is creating the antidote. Now, you have one hour to sneak in and get the cure before everything is too late.

Bugsy’s Nightmare

You and your team were tasked to get the secret prints of Las Vegas from the hands of a dangerous criminal, Bugsy. Can you do it within an hour without getting caught?

The Great Escape #1 and #2

When you and your friends were wrongly imprisoned, your cellmate, John invited you to join his escape plane. On the night of the escape, John suddenly went missing. Now, you’re on your own so you must take the lead and escape the prison before the prison guard comes back.

Curse of Mapuche

When a group of bandits stole the original Mapuche statue, a strange occurrence happened that could not be explained even by scientists. However, the geologists engaged in Mayan culture was able to discover the prophecy about the statue. Based on the prophecy, the location of the hideaway where the Mapuche statue is said to be hidden away. Where could it be?


You received an urgent call from a young woman informing you about a bomb that was implanted in the train station. Now, you’re at the train station and you and your squad only have an hour to deactivate the bomb.

Do you have what it takes?

If you’re looking for things to do in Las Vegas just give the Xterious experience a try!

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